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Working Overtime Again Keying In Data?

Tarver Program Consultants, Inc. began providing conversion services and custom interface software in 1992. Our driving force has always been to develop easy to use software and dependable, reusable methods to efficiently move large quantities of data between digital systems to improve productivity and reduce manual data entry errors.

Our primary goal is to reduce or eliminate the wasted labor associated with re-keying data that already exists in an digital format. Corporate America spends millions of dollars each year manually keying data into various software programs used within their organizations. While we work most often with payroll data, we actively seek customers who want to move any data from one system to another.

Tarver Program Consultants, Inc. (TPC) was incorporated by Paul H. Tarver in 1992 and our company experience with different software and data systems grows every year. Our customers range from small independent organizations to multinational corporations. We look forward to those clients with unique problems that we get to help solve!

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